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Sports and games facilities are offered to every student of the College to develop her potential abilities and qualities of sportsmanship.

Play fields:
Out door
S.No Play Field Out Door
1 Basket Ball Athletics
2 Kho-Kho Javeline
3 Ball – Badminton Disc Throw
4 Kabaddi Hammer Throw
5 Throw Ball Shot put
6 Volley Ball Batton Sets.

* Table Tennis
* Chess
* Caroms

Well equipped gym
* Six station Gym.
* Single Station Gym.
* Flat bench
* Bench inclined & Declined
* Butterfly
* Hilat Machine
* Arm curl Machine
* Lat rowing Machine
* Leg curl & Extension

Our Regular activities are:
* Every year we conduct a ‘Sports Day’ when games and sports are conducted to teaching faculty, supporting staff and students.
* Regular practice in Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Soft Ball, Basket Ball, Ball-Badminton.
* Every year more than 15 students participate in Inter University, State & National tournaments in various games like Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Softball, Ball Badminton and Athletics.
* Our students participate in ANUIC tournaments, State and National meets.


Organized ANUIC women volleyball tournament on 25th & 26th September 2012. We secured II place and 4 members are selected for the University team. They are

* B.Naga Lakshmi III B.A.
* K. Teja II B.A.
* A. Jyothi Valli II B.Sc.
* T.Sai Priyanka I B.Sc.

This year, the Inter University tournament was held at ANU on 28th to 31st October. Ms. Aruna Sujatha is nominated as team manager for University team. Our College participates in ANUIC tournaments, State and National meets.